GammaGoblin Pushing Taboo Review

Gammagoblin is a trusted darknet dealer on Silk Road, Agora, and Black Market Reloaded. In 2016, the initiative launched a single-vendor shop called “Pushing Taboo”. The organization specializes in psychedelics including LSD, Mescaline, and MDMA.

To ensure secrecy, the crew lays its own LSD and changes blotter patterns often. To prepare for the switch to a private, referral-based email system for sales, Gammagoblin announced a stock sale in Q2 2019.

Since then, the main Gammagoblin site has been maintained, with 10 goods accessible as of early 2020. The vendor team used to ship globally but now only ships to buyers in the US and Canada, where the project purportedly has the operation bases.

GammaGoblin has its own marketplace called Pushing Taboo. It offers LSD and other relevant products in bulk. The Suppliers have considered it as their haven. But there’s a takeaway. Not all folks have the willingness to check it for some reason.

There have been rumors and speculations about the existence of the store. Well, you have landed on the right site. The site is still on. And here is the reason why I want to share the gammagoblin review with you. Many have been using the gammagoblin’s services for maintaining their supply chains in the greyish industries. Whether you’ve just started, or wanted to know more about this marketplace, you can read this gammagoblin review until the end.

So, let’s see the unbiased review here.

Site’s Design and Interface

GammaGoblin has a user-friendly interface. It contains good resources that the buyers can use to maximize their darknet shopping experience.

In the main page, you will see the various sections that work as shortcuts to the important functions such as News, Crypto PGP, and About Us. As you click on the About Us tab, you will read the clear explanation about the site and its objective.

The site only provides psychedelic products. The main products that you will often see on this site are PSD and Phenethylamines. As you browse the categories, you will likely see the LSD categories.

Features for the members

Gammagoblin, like DutchDrugz, is an automated Finalize Early (FE) vendor, which implies that purchasers make payments directly to the team rather than through a third party. Because the business does not provide multisignature or escrow services, there is a greater emphasis on trust in the transaction.

The FE means that you will release the funds to the vendors even though you haven’t received the packages just yet. For many users who have ever used GammaGoblin’s service, the FE feature is not a big deal for them. They will just purchase and wait for the products to arrive at their doorstep. For the new users, it might raise a question. If you don’t trust Pushing Taboo, you are out of luck.

Our reviewer was in the same position as yours (if you don’t trust Pushing Taboo). So, what he did was purchasing in smaller quantities from another marketplace where GammaGoblin was there. Or, you could do a simpler way.

You could reach out to GammaGoblin himself in the particular marketplaces to confirm that Pushing Taboo is really operating and up. GammaGoblin representatives will gladly answer your question and help you out.

Security Features GammaGoblin Pushing Taboo

Gammagoblin takes use of all of the fundamental DNM security procedures, but it also benefits from the fact that it is a relatively small business with the capacity to be selective and private with its customer base as a result of operating largely as a single-vendor shop, among other factors.

Gammagoblin has a smaller attack area than many larger DNMs as a result of these factors, which should be taken into consideration.

The thing with the other giant Darknet Markets is that they have larger coverages. They also have big loopholes because they process such massive databases and demands on a daily basis. But when it comes to GammaGoblin, the developers can effectively close the loopholes. They can even prevent the cyber attacks long before happening.


Registering in the GammaGoblin site Pushing Taboo is very easy. Before registering an account, make sure that you;ve clicked the official link. Click Register to start registrering.

Fill out the form with the username and passwords, challenge the Captcha. And there you have it.

It is as easy as 1-2-3 to create an account in GammaGoblin to purchase the LSD and other products that you want.

Register gammagoblin pushing taboo

Site’s Navigability

At any given moment, there are little more than 10 or so goods available for purchase on the Pushing Taboo online store.

It is sensible since it only focuses on psychedelic products after all. For me, it is a wise decision to make the buyers focus on a narrowed product niche. It is created to prevent paralysis by analysis.

For those who haven’t known, it is a condition where the buyers cancel their orders because there are too many options that they see in a store. Narrowing the niches down to Pushing Taboo is a great movement by GammaGoblin to make the buyers segment for him. It will also benefit the buyers to easily browse around the site. And they won’t waste their time and resources to research and pinpoint the right products.

While the market’s homepage is the product listing page, their complete range of product offers can be viewed by selecting the “Store” menu option from the drop-down menu on the left-hand side of the page.

When checking at the quantity and costs, one thing you’ll realize is that Pushing Taboo exclusively trades in large quantities of merchandise. As previously stated, if you are searching for lesser quantities of GammaGoblin items, it is preferable to purchase them via redistributors in other countries rather than directly from the manufacturer.

The Shipping Successful Rate

One of the biggest concerns in using DNM is the shipping success rate. When it comes to GammaGoblin, you can rest assured since it has a 98.5% success rate. Over a decade, the seller managed to maintain such a high rate. It is seldom seen in the community like this. So, if you want to purchase LSD in bulk, it does not hurt to try Pushing Taboo by GammaGoblin now.